With the blast of spring sun over this last week of March, Reset Yoga has decided to hold their weekend classes on the rooftop of their stunning studio at Urban Office in Kinning Park, Glasgow.

Take part in this outdoor experience by joining the Softflow or Vinyasa classes.

Softflow: 9am Saturday or 10am Sunday

Soften out the day. No chaturangas, no peak pose, lots of slow, warming movements with modifications. Perfect if you are nursing an injury, mama-to-be/new mama, or been out of yoga for a while. Will help if you’re tired and in need of some gentle buttery movements. Great way to help reset your nervous system, if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed recently. Mindful and intentional.

Vinyasa: 10.30am Saturday or 11.30am Sunday

Strong, creative and energising flow. This class is structured to build power and foundation while you explore a range of poses and experiment with transitions. Be prepared to flow, play and investigate your inner world with your practice. You will walk away feeling badass, authentic and connected.

Reset Yoga are also giving away two free spaces for their rooftop yoga sessions this weekend. Jump over to their Instagram page to find out more.

When: 26th and 27th March 2022
Where: Urban Office, 101 Portman Street, Glasgow G41 1EJ. Details on how to enter the building are here:
Website: Book online (please arrive to the class 10 minutes beforehand and read the info in the studio location link above on how to access building).


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