Yoga in Glasgow

Where’s the best places to go for yoga in Glasgow? No matter what type of yoga you’re looking for, Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, there is a yoga class in Glasgow perfect for you.

The Kali Collective Yoga Studio

Based on Washington Street in Glasgow City Centre, The Kali Collective Yoga Studio is a Yoga and Barre Studio offering classes for all levels. Specialising in Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Nidra and Barre, The Kali Collective is dedicated to the sacred tradition of Yoga and the Community. The team stand behind the values that yoga has to offer such as self-love, self inquiry, truth, integrity, balance and commitment. They are dedicated to creating a space for all yogi’s to come together regardless of age, social group or physical ability.

Reset Yoga Hub

Reset Yoga Hub is situated in The Schoolhouse, a refurbished 1910 Victorian school in Kinning Park. The listed building has been brought back to life as new collaborative and creative workspaces, with the community at its heart. Classes include Vinyasa, Flow & Chill, Reset Flow, Reset & Release, and they also have access to a unique rooftop space for weather-dependent open air classes.

Hotpod Yoga

Hotpod Yoga has 50+ locations around the world. Its Glasgow base is on Washington Street (quite near the M8) where you can enjoy Vinyasa Flow in 37degree heat within their signature inflatable studio. According to Hotpod, this hot environment allows you to stretch further, breathe deeper, sweat harder and melt fully into the Hotpod experience – a balanced flow of active and passive postures, working the body and calming the mind in equal measure.

Infinity Yoga

Infinity Yoga is a yoga & pilates studio situated on Osborne Street in the city centre quite near Trongate. Believing movement is for everyone, they’ve created a studio space to explore and enquire the mind and body. Offering Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Original Hot practices, Forrest Inspired, Power, Hatha-Raja & Pilates their ethos is simple – ‘Be authentically you’. Infinity Yoga’s teachers offer suggestions rather than instructions as they guide classes and encourage open communication in each class.

Merchant City Yoga

The Merchant City Yoga is a dedicated yoga space within Glasgow’s 9th oldest building, The Jacobean Corsetry Building on Virginia Street in the heart of the Merchant City. Offering quality yoga classes for everyone no matter how stiff or bendy you may be and especially for those who have always wanted to try out yoga. Everything they do helps people to become fitter, healthier, energised, relaxed & content, and they advocate that you can be any shape or size, tall, short, stiff, flexible, meat-free or meat-loving to enjoy the many benefits of yoga.


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